My art begins with my photography and imagination. I create photographic collages and photographs. For collages, I first store photographic images in my computer “studio.” From there, I select and slice them onto my screen as raw materials from which I create my art. As I work, I often combine made-up images of things I’ve created from scratch—using fragments of photographs as materials—with real life photographic images. Some of my works are unaltered photographs.

I create collages and photographs with various themes reflecting my interests. These include filled interior spaces, rural and urban scenes, people in transit and at work, nature, inorganic phenomena, as well as abstract images. All of these can challenge viewers to unravel their mystery. Though I do not use software programs such as Photoshop, some of my images may appear surreal.

Spontaneity, mood, feelings and experimentation underlie my artistic process. As I have developed my techniques and shared my artwork, I began to understand on a personal level the importance of connecting people through art. I began to see in viewers’ responses how art inspires imagination, sparks curiosity, stimulates thought, opens up emotional space, and invites moments of surprise and pleasure. These are my goals as an artist.

Before dedicating and self-teaching myself photographic art, my education and profession were in cultural anthropology. My passion for making art is rooted in all of my life experiences, but notably the time I spent in Oaxaca, Mexico and Santiago, Chile. My artworks have been exhibited in CT, CA, MA, NYC, NYS, and VT, and resides in homes in Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Iceland, Israel, Portugal, as well as the U.S.

Exhibits of Photographic Collages and Photographs

April 2019-June 2019. “The Egg Show” - Juried Group Exhibit ArtVale Gallery, Oakland CA

April 2019-May 2019. “Juried Artists’ Member Show” - Represented by the Voice of Art Gallery The Voice of Art Gallery, Cheshire CT

March 2019. “Sound of Colors” - Juried Group Art Exhibit The Voice of Art Gallery, Cheshire CT

February 2019-March 2019. “Wet” - Juried Group Exhibit Darkroom Gallery, Essex Jct. VT

November 2018-January 2019. “Winter Solstice”- Co-Curator and Artist in Small Group Exhibit                                                Union Station,  New Haven CT

August 2018. "Black and White" - Online Juried Photography Exhibit                                                                                            Photography Center of Cape Cod and the Cape Cod Art Center, Cape Cod MA

July 2018-August 2018. "Color" - National Juried Exhibit                                                                                                                Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Brooklyn NY

June 2018-July 2018. "Personal Perspective" - Juried Group Exhibit                                                                                            Darkroom Gallery, Essex Jct. VT                                                                                                                                                       

April 2018-May 2018. "2-1-2 Juried Exhibition" - Small Group Exhibit                                                                                            Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Ridgefield CT                                                                                                      

March 2018-April 2018. "Juried Art Exhibition Together: A Photography Show" - International Competition                              1650 Gallery, Los Angeles CA

November 2017-January 2018.  "Visions of Connecticut" - Co-Curator and Artist in Small Group Exhibit                                  Union Station,  New Haven CT

December 2017. "Small Works" - Juried Group Exhibit                                                                                                                    Limner Gallery, Hudson NY

September-November 2017.  "Invisible Structures in Art" - Small Group Exhibit                                                                            CT Hospice Gallery, Branford CT

July 2017.  Soho Photo National Competition - Group Exhibit                                                                                                        Soho Photo Gallery, New York NY

May 2017.  "Small Works" - Juried Group Exhibit                                                                                                                              Mamaroneck Artists' Guild Gallery, Larchmont NY

January 2017.  Postcards from the Edge - Benefit for Visual AIDS                                                                                                 Metro Pictures, New York, NY

December 2016-May 2018. Solo Exhibit                                                                                                                                          The Coffee Pedaler, New Haven CT

December 2016-January 2017.  "SHELTER" - Juried Group Exhibit                                                                                                Harlem School for the Arts, New York NY                                                                                                                

December 2016-January 2017.  "Scenes from the Station" - Solo Exhibit                                                                                      Union Station,  New Haven CT

November-December 2016.  "Out of Order" - Juried Group Exhibit                                                                                              South Shore Art Center, Cohasset MA

October-November 2016.  Witching Hour: Imagery from Darkness" - Juried Group Exhibit                                                        PhotoSynthesis,  Manchester CT

September-December 2016.  "Kismet" - Juried Group Exhibit                                                                                                        Maritime Garage Gallery,  Norwalk CT

June-July 2016.   "At the Station" - Solo Exhibit                                                                                                                                Da Silva Gallery,  New Haven CT

April 2016.   Photographic Collages and Photographs                                                                                                                   Private Gallery,  Brooklyn NY    

January 2016.  Photographic Collages and Photographs                                                                                                               Pop-Up Gallery,  New Haven CT

December 2015.   Photographs                                                                                                                                                         Cyclamens and Swords: Journal of Poetry, Fiction and Art

November 2015-January 2016.   "Views from the Metro North" - Solo Exhibit                                                                              Union Station,  New Haven CT

October 2015.   Photographic Collages and Photographs                                                                                                             Open Studio,  New Haven CT

December 2014-January 2015.   "Home Series" - Small Group Exhibit                                                                                          Da Silva Gallery,  New Haven CT


Juried Artist Member, The Voice of Art Gallery. 2019-2020 Juror’s Choice photograph in “Wet,” Juried Group Exhibit, Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction VT. 2019 Co-Winner, Photograph Contest sponsored by Friends of East Rock Park (New Haven CT).  2016 Shore Line Times.  December 4, 2015 New Haven Register.  November 22, 2015